Molded Rolled Rim Vase

In our collection of molded terracotta rolled rim pots, the clay is pounded by hand into molds. After about twenty-four hours, the mold is removed. A potter then finishes the pot with hand tools. Because this process requires less time and skill than our Artisan rolled rim pots, we can offer these handcrafted pots to you at a more economical price.

28"Ø x 20"h (24"Ø)
32"Ø x 23"h (28"Ø)
38"Ø x 28"h (32"Ø)
42"Ø x 30"h (36"Ø)

Measurements in parentheses refer to interior diameter; all other numbers refer to exterior dimensions.

Hand made, frost proof, Italian terra cotta.

WEDGES - Large
SAUCER - 16"

Item's size and weight require Freight shipping service, calculated and confirmed at Checkout.

Seibert & Rice Fine Italian Terra Cotta pots are the highest quality terracotta pots available in the world. They require very little maintenance and should last for generations. These Italian terracotta planters are frost proof and can be left outdoors year-round full of soil.


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