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The terra cotta produced in the small town of Impruneta, Italy, is unlike any other. For hundreds of years, twelve generations of artisans have quarried the same gray clay from the ancient pits behind their homes. The unique chemical composition of the region’s raw clay, high in iron and calcium, and the high temperatures at which it is fired combine to create the most durable and the only truly frost proof terra cotta in the world.


All of our terra cotta pots are handmade in Impruneta. We have chosen the best workshops with the most talented artisans. During our regular visits to the workshops, we hand select the best pieces each workshop produces and ensure the highest levels of workmanship are maintained. Happily, over these thirty years our relationships with our artisan workshops and their families have spanned generations and we are gratified to support and preserve the traditions of artisanal handmade terra cotta in the region.


It is essential that water can drain freely from your terra cotta pot’s drainage holes. We recommend a sheet of filter screen over the drainage holes and adding 2-3 inches of crushed stone at the bottom of the pot before filling with a potting soil intended for use in containers. In winter, ensure that the pot is elevated an inch or more off the ground with pot feet or wedges. Use of saucers outdoors in winter is not recommended.


These are the urns and planters which show up at auction houses at appreciated prices, especially as they acquire a coveted patina over time outdoors. Impruneta terra cotta should not be sealed. White markings on the surface create the distinctive character of Impruneta pots. This is saltpeter which occurs naturally in the clay and rises to the surface. Timeless designs and heirloom quality craftsmanship means these garden pots can be handed down for many generations to come.