Boutique Collection: Olive Oil Urn

Olive Oil Urn, garden shot
Olive Oil Urn, studio shot

Product Information

Urn with handles
24"- 14.5"Ø x 24"H x 22"W
Code # 1009c

Urn without handles
20"- 9.5"Ø x 20"H x 12"W
Code # 1009a
28"- 14.5"Ø x 28"H x 23"W
Code # 1009b
36"- 22"Ø x 36"H x 29"W
Code # 1051
40"- 26"Ø x 40"H x 38"W
Code # 1009e
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CAD Details

Note: measurements in parentheses refer to interior diameter; all other numbers refer to exterior dimensions.