American Collection: Chanteloup Planter by Charlotte Moss

Chanteloup Planter by Charlotte Moss, garden shot
Charlotte Moss Charlotte Moss is a renowned interior designer, author, and owner of The Charlotte Moss Townhouse, the lifestyle boutique in New York City. Her glorious chinoiserie planter was inspired by the Pagoda at Chanteloup in France’s Loire Valley. Designed by architect Louis-Denis le Camus and built in 1775, the Chanteloup Pagoda is the only structure remaining of the chateau built by the Duc de Choiseul. “Several years ago on a visit there I climbed the seven stories by an interior circular staircase, passing by balustrades and window grilles all made from different Chinese fretwork patterns and ideograms that represent love, wisdom, and friendship. I will always associate fretwork with Chanteloup.”
-- Charlotte Moss

Product Information

20"H x 21.5"W
Code 1143