Products: Molded Rolled Rims

Molded Rolled Rim pots by the pool

Our Molded Rolled Rims are still made by hand, but in molds. Because this process requires less time and skill than the free hand rolled rims in our Artisan Collection, we can offer these pots to you at a more economical price. They are still top quality Impruneta pots – beautiful and durable. For rolled rim planters made completely freehand without the assistance of molds see our Artisan Rolled Rim Collection.

A Few Words About our Rolled Rim Planters

For the first time, we are offering two lines of large terracotta rolled rim planters. Both lines are handmade in Impruneta, use only Impruneta clay, and are frost proof.

So, what’s the difference?

Our Artisan Collection is made completely free hand, without the assistance of molds, by one of the oldest and most traditional workshops in Impruneta. Each pot is built using the “coil method,” whereby the potter rolls out a coil of clay and, walking around in a circle, carefully and skillfully builds up the walls of the pot a few inches each day. The process is highly time consuming and requires an extraordinary amount of skill that only a very few artisans possess. The result is a distinctively handmade-looking planter that is truly a piece of sculpture. You can feel the difference when your fingers fit snugly underneath the curve of the rim. To see the process of making a rolled rim pot for yourself, check out this video from our Multimedia Gallery section.

In our Molded Collection, the clay is pounded by hand into molds. After about twenty-four hours, the mold is removed.  A potter then finishes the pot with hand tools. Because this process requires less time and skill, we can offer these pots to you at a more economical price.

We stand by both of our lines of rolled rim planters. You are getting top quality either way. We like to think of the distinction as that between couture and ready-to-wear. Both are beautiful, elegant and lasting.  But one is more precious.