American Collection: Poetry Pot by Robert Dash

Poetry Pot by Robert Dash, garden shot
Robert Dash Robert Dash is an accomplished artist and gardener. His paintings are in over two dozen national and international museums. He is the founder of the Madoo Conservancy and the author of “Notes from Madoo.”

“I wanted The Poetry Pot to look ancient and hoary, as if it had been buried for centuries under the sea, which is why some of the words have been rubbed out. The script was incised in imitation of cuneiform or something Greek. The various rhymes circle around Madoo, which means “My Dove,” therefore “love” and “glove” and “above.” The text has echoes of my favorite Gertrude Stein: ‘I am rose’.”
-- Robert Dash

Product Information

9"Ø x 20.5"H (7"Ø)*
Code # 1121

Note: measurements in parentheses refer to interior diameter; all other numbers refer to exterior dimensions.