About Seibert & Rice: History of Impruneta Terra Cotta

View of Impruneta
In the hills of Tuscany lies the small town of Impruneta. There, for hundreds of years, artisans have produced the most spectacular terra cotta in the world. In fact, the great renaissance artist who built Florence's magnificent Duomo demanded genuine Impruneta terra cotta for its crown.

Today, twelfth generation artisans dig the same gray clay from the pits behind their homes. They create the pots by hand using traditional methods. Then they fire them in kilns where they turn the magnificent color that is unique to terra cotta of Impruneta - the warm pink of the Tuscan sunrise. The pottery produced here is unlike any other.

The unique chemical composition of the soil and the high temperatures at which it is fired cause it to be the most durable, and the only truly frost proof, terra cotta in the world. It has the high relief, exquisite detail, and top quality craftsmanship that can only be found in work executed by the hand of an accomplished artisan. There is no confusing this pottery with that pressed out by machine or hastily done by less skilled laborers.